CNC Cutting Services for All Your Sheet Material Cutting Needs

CNC Creations’ simple goal is to provide a first-class CNC cutting service to our customers at the most competitive price.
To achieve this we have investing in the very latest and most efficient CNC and panel sizing machinery and only employ skilled operators and carpenters to to carry out the work.

We offer unrivalled standards of CNC wood cutting and other materials

Having offered CNC cutting services for more than twenty years’ the team at CNC Creations has accumulated the skills, knowledge and experience to be able to cut a wide range of sheet materials with precision and accuracy, consistently delivering outstanding results.
We have earned a solid reputation for our CNC panel cutting expertise, but we also excel at CNC cutting and sizing many other sheet materials including:
Plywood Chipboard MDF Perspex
Dibond Melamine Acrylic Foam boards

CNC Creations can handle any type of CNC cutting project

Rarely, if ever, do we come across a CNC cutting project that we can’t deliver to the highest standards of quality and value.
Whether we’re simply cutting letter-shapes for high-visibility signage or intricately shaping a large-scale project element (we can handle single panels of your chosen material right up to a maximum 3660mm x 1525mm (12ft x 5ft) in a range of thicknesses), you’re assured of the same care and quality in everything we provide.
Whichever sheet materials you need cutting for your project, CNC Creations offers a prompt turnaround and competitive pricing, and since we’re conveniently based at the heart of the country we’re happy to assemble, deliver and install completed projects in London or anywhere else in the UK as part of our comprehensive CNC cutting and panel cutting service.
Of course, CNC Creations can provide far more than expert CNC cutting: feel free to browse our website to get a better idea of the full range of CNC services we provide.
If you’d like to find out more about our prompt, efficient and cost-effective CNC cutting service, have CNC panel cutting requirements you’d like to discuss or need a free no-obligation quote for your project then please do not hesitate to contact us – we’re always happy to help.