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Wall Panelling Dado


Authentic period style Dado rail used to finish low to medium height MDF Wall Panelling. Only available in 2.7m lengths.

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Our Dado Rail has been designed specifically to fit MDF Shaker Style Wall Panelling. It comes pre grooved (rebated) on the rear so that it will sit on top of 6mm, 9mm or 12mm MDF Wall panelling and wall panelling kits.

This Dado Rail is an exact reproduction moulding made to match one that was used in a Victorian house in Northampton. Usually supplied in Redwood Softwood (Pine) or MR MDF, depending on the thickness of your wall paneling.

Either option is easily painted and will require the usual two coats of primer undercoat and two coat of top coat. If you intend to paint your wall paneling with emulsion to match your walls the dado can be painted with the same paint.

Rebate Size (mm)

6, 9, 12

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