CNC Plywood Routing, Shaping and Drilling with perfect accuracy
and attention to detail

Thanks to the many benefits it offers, plywood is an excellent choice of material for use in exhibition stands and displays and signage of all kinds. Its unique ‘cross-layered’ construction of bonded veneers means that plywood retains all of the natural beauty of wood yet is a stronger, less expensive and a more environmentally-friendly solution than wood itself.

CNC plywood cutting from CNC Creations gives first-class results

The craftsmen at CNC Creations are experts at cutting, routing, shaping and detailing plywood in accordance with your precise specifications. We can custom cut plywood in any size to maximum dimensions of 3660mm x 1525mm (12ft x 5ft). Our investment in the very latest CNC routing technology means that, whatever the size and nature of your project using plywood, we can provide perfect results every time.
Intricate designs are no problem at all for our professional and cost-effective CNC plywood cutting service. Paying the utmost attention to quality and detail we can expertly shape plywood and drill, etch, groove, chamfer, decorate or finish it to meet your requirements.

Delivering quality CNC plywood whenever and wherever you need it

From CNC Creation’s fully equipped production and storage facility in Northampton we supply custom cut plywood wherever it’s needed throughout the UK. Our expert team and state-of-the-art equipment means that we can offer a prompt turnaround, outstanding quality and the most competitive prices for our CNC plywood services, whilst our central location makes collection or delivery of your project no problem.

We are a complete one-stop shop for all of your CNC plywood needs

CNC Creations specialises in providing end-to-end services, and can help you with every aspect of your CNC plywood cutting project if required. If you have nothing more than an idea of your requirements we can take your concept and visualise it for you by producing detailed CAD designs to your own specifications. Once we’ve completed the planning stage with you we can manufacture your plywood project using our expertise and high-quality materials for perfect results. To make life even easier for you, we can take care of the assembly, delivery logistics and professional installation of your CNC plywood project, once completed.
For more information about our prompt, cost-effective and outstanding quality CNC plywood cutting services or to discuss your project with us, please call the friendly team at CNC Creations – we’re here to help.